Going Ater Your Dreams

Remember your dreams and passions and really go after them and not let obstacles get in the way. It’s important to have dream and goals, and we need to strive for them everyday. Our life would be so rich, and fulfilling and happier if we went after our dreams instead living the stagnant lives we’ve come to live now.. The kinds of questions you ask yourself about what you want will determine whether you succeed, because if they are all negative, it’s going to be next to impossible. Negative questions like why can’t I do this? Or why am I like this? They just get stuck in your head and lead you down the wrong path. Make sure you ask yourself positive questions. Questions like what can I achieve today on my goal? How can I overcome the obstacle in front of me? Solutions are the key. Find a way to work around the problem. Look at it from a different angle. Believ in yourself, the answers will com.Make a list and write them done to periodically check on your progress and hold yourself accountable. It’s okay to dream big, just take it one step at a time.

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Making Plans

So as I said, I am planning on taking a Leap of Faith this year and striking out on my own.  And right now I’m in the planning stages.  I work doing health events during the week and at a restaurant on the weekends.   And frankly I was getting really burnt out.  Because I’ve been waiting tables since I was 18 and I hate it.  I mean no offense to anyone out there, but a lot of people out there are rude and needy and have no idea how to tip.  I truly believe that it should be mandatory for every single person on the planet no matter who they are should have to wait tables for one year as their only job and live on those wages.  Most states pay $2.15 an hour and after you take out taxes for the $2.15 and taxes for your tips your check is always zero.   Did you get that?  ZERO, NADA, Absolutely Nothing!  So all you really make are the tips you get.  People who have been in the business understand.  When I go out, even if I have lousy service I tip 30%, because I understand that maybe it’s just an off day for them.  But if they do a great job I’ve tipped 50% before.  But anything less than 20% is just rude.  I once had someone leave me $0.38 and start to walk away.  With a smile on my face I went up to them, and handed them their change and said, “here, you must’ve left your change by mistake.”  Then I put it in their hand turned around and walked away.  I could hear their friend making fun of them saying “that’s all you gave her? I guess she figured you needed it more.  Dude that’s just wrong.”  And I would have rather them leave no tip then to be so rude to leave me some change.   And somehow, I’ve managed to pay my bills and take care of my kids , but it certainly hasn’t always been easy.  Which is why I think it should be mandatory for everyone to be a server for a year.  That way, they know what it’s like and understand how to treat their server, because  snapping your fingers and waving us down while we’re talking to another table is not okay.  And everyone would also understand how to tip correctly, because like I said anything less than 20% is not enough in today’s economy.  We have to pay our bills only on the tips we make, so be nice about it.  Sorry, I know I’ve gone on a rant but it had to be said, even if not a lot of people see it, at least some will.

Anyway, I’ve been doing health events, which is something I love doing.  And I have signed up for as many as I can Monday through Friday.  I really hate serving, because I’ve just done it too long and I’m way too jaded.  So I looked up all my events, wrote out all the times I’d be working and how much my wages would be.  Since I work for three different companies at three different pay rates it took some doing.  also if I go out of town I get paid for my miles after the first 30 going there and the first 30 coming home.  And all three places pay different mirages rates as well.  Also, one company give you $35 for meals if you stay overnight, which they call a per diem.  So I added everything up, all the events that I’ve signed up for all the per diem’s I would get, and all the mileage I would reimbursed for.  And it was enough to pay all my bills through the middle of August.  And that was only with March and April and two events in May.  So I took a mini leap  and quit my serving job.  As soon as I did it was like the weight of the world was lifted from my shoulders.  I was left doing work that I love doing and make good money doing, and got finally got rid of the job I hate.  I just felt amazing!  So I’m planning on still getting events for all of May and and half of June.  And if I do that it will really help me.

I told you I’m making plans but I haven’t really told you what that is yet.  In my last post I said I was going to get a van and fix it up an do this thing called vandwelling, and I am.  My plans are to work as many health events as possible until the middle of June.  At that time I will sell my car to Car Max and then buy a van.  I have bought a tripod and a mini tripod, a clamp that will hold my phone to use as the camera/video maker, a wireless camera remote so I can turn it on an off without having to move off and on the stage, so to speak.  I also bought a mike that plugs directly into my phone so that the audio and video will sync up perfectly.  Because I’m planning on taking pictures and videos of me changing the plain old van into a home and then do videos and take pictures of places I go, people I meet, and things I do.  I also got a new phone that has great video/camera, so for at least that part I’m all set.  And if I can get May and the 1/2 of June filled, everything will be perfect.  Because, I will be able to pay my bills and have the money I need to transform the van, plus have a little cushion left over.  I don’t plan on starting the van renovations until I get where I’m going.  And I’m going to Boulder, CO for the rest of the summer.  Some of the health event companies may have work during the summer, so I will tell them I’ll be in Denver which is an hour or so away from Boulder and try and do events while I’m there.  I’m also going to do the renovations, and definitely do some camping, and checking out things within a few hours of Boulder and taking video and blogging about it.  After Boulder, who knows,  I’ll decide that when the time comes.  But right now those are my plans.  And I’m trying to pack my things and get some things ready now that I won’t need until then.  I’m really looking forward to this next chapter in my life, and share it.

So, let me ask those of you who do read my blog, is there anything you’d like me to write about? Is there any place that you think is a must see?  I’m thinking about wring an ebook to sell, possibly about vandwelling.  Would that be a good topic? Is that something you’d purchase? Or is there another topic you’d prefer?  With this type of blog many people write manifestos, take some of the posts they’ve written and expand on them, putting them together in an ebook.  So I’m asking your opinion.  I really want to know what you want, because I want to know what you would pay for.  I don’t plan on it being a lot of money, just a few dollars, but I’d rather give you what you want.  So let me know in the comments.  I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.

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Taking a Leap of Faith on Leap Year

This year is leap year. That thing that happens only once every four years. We get an extra day in the year. Instead of there being 365 days 2016 has 366 days.  The extra day is supposedly added to keep the calendar synchronized with the astrological and seasonal years.  So everyone gets an extra day this year.

There is an Irish tradition that women can propose to men on leap day.  That’s not something I’m going to be doing, but hey, if you’ve got a special guy why not?

I guess I’m not going to do something special on leap day itself, but I’m  going to take a Leap of Faith this year on Leap Year and I’m going to go on road by the end of summer.  I’m going to work as hard as I possibly can to market my copywriting business, and I’m going to trade my car in for a large van and outfit it for living in.  I’ve been checking out this thing called “vandwelling”.   I have been purchasing and saving and arranging my belongings so that I can get it set up in the van.  There is actually a lot of info about it, and I’ve been able to find construction designs for storage, and how to arrange the bed, how to have a couch with a table, a foot pump sink that has a grey water tank, and a cooking area, with a pantry, and a solar system to put on top to connect to a inverter so you can have extra electricity inside at night or on cloudy days.   And when you are vandwelling, you don’t have rent or any utility bills except making sure your cell phone can be a hot spot so you can use your laptop without any problem.

So I will be saving all my tax money and every extra money I have to make this a reality by the end of summer.  I will be posting about my progress, taking pics and videos and letting you all know about how I work and live and travel and meet people and find cool things to do on my journey.  And if that’s not a Leap of Faith I don’t know what is!

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Letting yourself be Uncomfortable

The difficult things are what make life interesting.

Doing something different can sometimes be uncomfortable.  The truth is most of us given the chance want to be normal, like everyone else.  We feel like standing out in a crowd, letting others really see us for who we are is too intimidating.  We don’t want to share our whole selves with everyone, so we hide behind our “normal” masks and hope and pray that no one can see through the facade.

But is that what we really want?  There is only one us.  Even twins and other multiples have different things about themselves.  Normal is a setting on a washing machine, it has nothing to do with us as people.  We each have something that excites us, that makes our face light up when we talk about it, our eyes sparkle, we get this goofy grin on our face and we could sit for hours talking about it.  That’s not something I’d consider normal, but extraordinary.  It’s our true passions coming to light, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  In fact we should take our passions out for a spin more often.

It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about what you’re passionate about.  It’s okay to let your freak flags fly, when it comes to your passions.  You would be amazed at what some people are passionate about, and they have actually turned that off the wall passion into a lucrative business.  Someone in Florida had a love of mermaids and photography and now she sets up scenes and has costumes for her clients to dress in and she takes mermaid pictures for a living, that is all she does and she makes somewhere in the mid five figures a year.

I mean think back to the eighties.  Would there have been Madonna?  Boy George?  Cher?  Or even back when Cher was with Sonny on their tv show.  These people stood out, let themselves be seen and dared to be different.  And it’s something that you all can do too.  All it takes is a Leap of Faith.  Instead of saying “I couldn’t possibly” or “I can’t”, exercise your freedom and say “I can do this, I want to do this.”

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Embracing Change

There are only two things guaranteed you in life.  First, once you are born, you will die.  It may be tomorrow or 20 years from now. When you examine your life with the perspective that you’re dying, you start to question some things that you previously accepted without a second thought.   It’s a little bit like the cancer patient who has been told they have 6 months to live and there is nothing the doctors can do.  And to be perfectly honest, this is how we should all live our lives.  We should live our lives to the fullest.  Taking in every special moment, every sunset, every adventure that comes our way.  We need to get up off our couches and say enough is enough, I want to live my life!  Make a list, if that helps you.  What have you always wanted to do and haven’t done?  What dreams have you let slip away because you thought you didn’t have a chance or it wasn’t the right time?  There is so much sadness and pain and frustration in the world, but there doesn’t have to be in your life.  Find a way to make your dreams a reality.  Start crossing things off your list.  If you always wanted to learn to cook, sign up for a class.  If you always wanted to write a book, make time and write.  If you always wanted to go to Paris, then set aside a little money each month and don’t touch it until you can make that trip a reality.  Get outside more, enjoy those sunsets, take time away from your busy schedule and play with your family.

And second, your life will change constantly.  Every moment, every second, something happens and you’re a different person.  You have a made a decision or one has been made for you, and you are now on a new path.  We’re much better at adapting than we think.  Only you can choose to make changes for the better.  You can choose to put down that doughnut and eat that granola bar.  Only you can choose to take the weekend off and go camping with your kids instead of being stuck inside watching the game while they play Xbox all weekend long.  And like I said, you can not make a choice, but that is just letting someone else make the choice for you.  Personally I’d rather make my own choice.  I may not like what someone else picks.  Right now I’m saving for a camping trip with my kids for spring break.  They don’t really know about it yet, but I’m hoping to get them on board.  I know it means being away from their electronics, but we haven’t done it in a while and I know we’d have a lot of fun.  Fishing and hiking and campfire cooking; it brings back great memories of summers long ago.

So I say Carpe your Diam whenever you get the chance.  Be the you that you were meant to be, the you that makes you the happiest.  Embrace change.  Embrace life.   And Take Little Leaps of Faith every day.

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Being Grateful

Today, being Thanksgiving, it is a time to reflect on the year or even our lives and give thanks for what we have.  Too many of us are unaware of how truly blessed we are.  We trivialize the fact that we are healthy, that we have a job, that we have a home.  And yet there are so many without one or even all three of those things.  We run around like crazy people shopping on Thanksgiving at those shops who opened early and wake up at 2am to stand in line to get some deal on a gift at a store on Black Friday.  My gosh the last time I even had enough money saved away to spend on Black Friday was 2012.  But thanks to Black Friday Thanksgiving isn’t what it used to be.  I think REI has the right idea we need to opt out.

Instead of shopping we need to spend time with our family and friends.  We need to tell them how much we appreciate and love them. We need to make lists of what we are grateful for, because believe me, we’ve got it good.  We’re not sleeping on the streets.  We’re not addicted to drugs and whacked out of our minds (at least I hope you’re not).  Someone always has it worse than you.  So take a good look around you.  I bet you have a lot more than you thought to be thankful for.

I’m so grateful that I’ve got two handsome, smart, caring sons, who are growing up to be men that I’m so proud of.  I’m grateful that I’ve got an apartment, and a job, and a car that will get me there.  I’m grateful that I’m 5 years cancer free.  I’m grateful that I’m finally taking the classes I need to so I can start my own copywriting business.  And I’m grateful that I’ve got a 2 year plan that will get by business up and rolling and me out of the country traveling.  So what are you grateful for?

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Making A Committment to Yourself

It’s funny but to a lot of people committment is a four letter word.  Not literally, of course, but figuratively speaking.  There is so much standing behind that word.  You are saying that you are promising to do something faithfully with total dedication.  And for someone to commit to something, whether it be a person or a project, takes a lot of strength of character, because committing to something isn’t always an easy thing to do.

How many times have we committed to doing something and failed?  People make commitments of marriage then end up divorced.  People make commitments/resolutions at New Years to lose weight and join gyms only to wind up paying for memberships all year to a gym they went to maybe 5 times.

In order for your committment to stick, you need to break it down into doable goals or sections.  It’s just like anything that you are trying to make a habit of doing.  It’s not a habit until you’ve done it 30 days in a row.  Then by some sort of magical happenstance you continue to do it.  Take it one step and one day at a time.

So what is it that you want to commit to?  I want to commit to writing every day.  If someone asks me if I’m a writer, what do I say?  I am a writer because I have written; I have 8 books on Amazon Kindle. But should I say I was a writer, because I’m not currently writing?  But then if I make that committment and write every day I am a writer.  Well, I think I’ll spell it out a little better.  I have 3 blogs on top of the fiction that I write.  So I commit to writing daily and keeping up with all my blogs on a continual basis, which I haven’t necessarily been doing lately.

Commitment in itself is a Leap of Faith that you believe in yourself and are willing to put it out there for the world to see.

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